USB−C Adapter

Video Adapter for USB−C

The adapter connects notebooks and smartphones to external monitors or projectors. With its rounded edges and the slightly curved satined surface, the adapter feels pleasantly soft. If the 10 cm cable is wrapped around the case, the cable cannot get tangled or scratch other surfaces. A cable break is prevented and the adapter is easy to stow away. In addition, the cable provides protection against the ingress of dirt and dust as it lays over the HDMI port.

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Notebooks and Ultrabooks

Modern notebooks that are designed for mobile use often do not have their own video output, as these connectors are unsuitable for mobile, slim devices. The USB-C adapter by nonda is specially designed and optimized for mobile use.

Smartphones and Tablets

The USB-C standard is also increasingly used in mobile phones and tablets. Presentation or life streams from the Internet can be easily transferred to a projector or to an external monitor.


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