Lens Series

Photo and Film Lenses for Professional Users
In Cooperation With Patzak Design

In cooperation with Patzak Design we developed the design language for three entirely new product groups of the market leader Schneider Kreuznach. The resulting lenses mark Schneider Kreuznach's re-entry into the DSLR and system camera market.

Under the working title "Rocksolid" a design language emerged that reflects the high precision and technical as well as photographic demands of the company.

>> Schneider Kreuznach
>> Patzak Design

Photo Lenses for System Cameras

The camera lenses for mirrorless camera systems from Schneider Kreuznach use the Micro Four Thirds Standard, which specifies not only the sensor size but also the flange focal distance, the lens bayonet and various other parameters. Thus, the lenses are available to a wide range of system camera users.

Photo Lenses for DSLR Cameras

All lens families were designed together. The most eye-catching design elements are the focal length and the blue ring on the front and the logo on the back of the lenses.
Schneider Kreuznach's DSLR lenses are supplied with Canon EOS, Nikon-F, Sony Alpha and Pentax-K bayonets.

Video Lenses for DSLR Cameras

The DSLR video lenses are designed for professional users. As with common video lenses, the focal ratio and the focus ring are infinitely. They were developed for DSLR cameras and thus fill a considerable gap in the lens market.


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